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Millinery Meet-up 2016

I'm remiss in not writing this blog in the fall.  After attending the Millinery Meet-up, in Gatlinburg, TN, my life included visitors, holidays, and more travel.  With a show at CraftBoston in December, let's just say this blog got left behind in the dust... I would like to resolve in 2017 to pick up my [...]

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What a week!!

It has been a whirlwind for sure.  This time of year is typically pretty busy with Christmas parties and trying to fit in shopping, cleaning, and! I was extremely fortunate this week to be called by the CBC for an interview in their afternoon segment.  I raced up to their office so that we [...]

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NSDCC Christmas Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tis the night before Hali, and I'm quite calm at the moment. I wanted to write about my "process" when it comes to preparing for a show.  I take my hat off to those who do shows all the time, shipping their booths from venue to venue, the organization, time and energy that must take. [...]

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Photo Shoots

  It is early November and I'm squeezing in a shoot before the shows in two weeks and a month's time. This is when I call on my "team".  These are friends who model, my ridiculously supportive neighbor Susan and her home, and her partner Jack, my photographer.  Typically here's how it happens: We set a [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 (Canada)

We are one week away from Canadian Thanksgiving, and my thoughts are turning from the change in the weather and preparing for upcoming shows, to preparing for our family's arrival and regional visit. Since moving to New Brunswick, my husband and I travel to Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy.  Our first year [...]

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New Trish Raine website!!

As summer recedes and fall starts to show its colors, it is time we start to think of cooler weather and covering up.  Despite the warm late summer temperatures, I have been getting the urge to slip into a cashmere sweater, wrap myself in a scarf, and put on a cozy hat.  Heck I'll even admit [...]

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