As summer recedes and fall starts to show its colors, it is time we start to think of cooler weather and covering up.  Despite the warm late summer temperatures, I have been getting the urge to slip into a cashmere sweater, wrap myself in a scarf, and put on a cozy hat.  Heck I’ll even admit to getting the urge to go cross-country skiing in August!!!  But that’s me… 🙂

With the change in season is the exciting change in my website.  Last November I was fortunate to have won a 3rd prize HATalk millinery contest of “Rememberance” with my Poppy hat.  This is my prize.  An e-commerce website where I get to realize online sales, something people have asked me for, for a long time.  Putting this together has been an exercise in organization, collaboration, creativity, and vision realization.  To take a step back and think about your work from a business perspective, accessibility and aesthetics.  It has been an enriching experience to help create this site, and I cannot speak well-enough of Chris Weaver, the man helping me develop this site.

My work is a labor of love, imparting a little bit of me is in every hat or scarf.  So as you prepare yourself for your frostiest moments, check in with this website.  I’ll be sure to update pieces for sale, and answer any questions you might have.

Wishing you warmth and colour,