We are one week away from Canadian Thanksgiving, and my thoughts are turning from the change in the weather and preparing for upcoming shows, to preparing for our family’s arrival and regional visit.

Since moving to New Brunswick, my husband and I travel to Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy.  Our first year here we happened on a beautiful spot at the end of the road on the island, with nothing more than quaint cabins, crashing waves, a rocky shore and crackling fires.  No wifi or internet signal…in fact the highest form of technology there is a clock radio!

Each year we give thanks with the many friends who make this pilgrimage part of their Thanksgiving too.  Board games, LOADS of food and lots of laughter.  There is also lots of time to reflect, engage in meaningful conversation, and take stock of the life we are thankful for.  I won’t lie that at times my idle hands get itchy to create, but I resign myself to leave all hats behind (save the one I wear), and open myself to the beauty of nature for inspiration.  This Thanksgiving weekend feels like the calm before the storm that each fall brings with preparing for shows, getting “just one more hat done”, or all the work in re-fashioning my booth for upcoming shows.  Fall = frenzied pace, but this weekend is a breath of fresh air to get clarity and energy to carry me through to Christmas.

The shows I’m working on?

NSDCC Christmas Craft Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  November 20-23rd 2015.

FAN Christmas Pop-Up Show, Fredericton, New Brunswick.  December 13th 2015.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Even if you aren’t Canadian, what a better way to celebrate than have TWO days to give thanks to those around you.  To appreciate the life you have and those you love.

xx Trish