The Gossamer Hat is a Trish Raine special, developed for a client with alopecia (hair loss). Trish felts the hat with silk (visible pattern) on the outside, and a full silk lining to go against your head and hair. The merino layer of wool between these layers of silk is very thin and “glues” the silk together creating incredibly thin and soft felt…which means that these hats are lightweight and very comfortable.

The gossamer hat is slouch-style, as with its thinness there is very little structure in the hat. All folds are hand-stitched in place to maintain the design of the hat.

Perfect for a warm winter evening, cool summer night, or the mid-seasons (fall and spring). These hats can be won indoors instead of a wig or scarf to cover your head. Wool and silk help thermoregulate, and are great for sensitive scalps. A wonderful gift for someone with hair loss. A wonderful gift for you.