It has been a whirlwind for sure.  This time of year is typically pretty busy with Christmas parties and trying to fit in shopping, cleaning, and well…work!

I was extremely fortunate this week to be called by the CBC for an interview in their afternoon segment.  I raced up to their office so that we could pre-record the session.  They offered a ‘live’ session at 5:20, which I quickly declined.  Despite being a moderately good public speaker, I still get nervous, and thought that a live session would up the ante, and make me more nervous…

Getting to the office and meeting Elaine the producer and Vanessa the radio host, I relaxed immediately.  They were so sincere, professional and friendly.  I was made to feel right at home, and before I knew it, we were in front of the microphones chatting about hats, specifically Trish Raine hats and my 2015 trip to Ireland.

It was a sincere pleasure to do the interview, and take a few photos afterwards.  ALL staff in the building were lovely.  What a warm place to work.  It solidified my belief in CBC, a Canadian Institution I’d grown up with – with CBC Radio 1 on all day long in the kitchen.  Later that evening it gave me pause, to realize how much that radio station may have shaped me as I grew up.  And now I was a part of the programming!!!  🙂

I got home, played a quick Frisbee with the dog and my husband, and at 5:15, sat down with a glass of red wine with the radio on behind me. With one minute to go, I just hoped that I came across relaxed, and represented my best self.  I listened happily, reciting some of my answers in my head as I said them, and am thrilled with how the interview came out.

So, thank you CBC!  For adding the icing on my Christmas cake.  The pleasure was all mine…


If you’d like to listen to the interview, go to:  Follow the link to “NB woman makes unique felted and sculpted hats”


Also, if you are in Fredericton on December 13th, and would like to try on some of my hats yourself, please join me and the Fibre Arts Network at the Liquor Store/Train Station at York Street.  There will be all KINDS of beautiful fibre to purchase and watch demo’s.

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