It is early November and I’m squeezing in a shoot before the shows in two weeks and a month’s time.

This is when I call on my “team”.  These are friends who model, my ridiculously supportive neighbor Susan and her home, and her partner Jack, my photographer.  Typically here’s how it happens:

We set a time when everyone rolls in.  Dogs run free outside.  Inside, makeup is done by Laura (a main model for Trish Raine).  Jack has the black fabric backdrop pulled tight against a wooden frame, and is taking practice shots to ensure correct exposure.  We shoot beside a BIG window, using reflectors and natural light only.  This can be tough at times with clouds, or very sunny days.  Then we begin shooting.  We encourage models embody the person who would wear the hat they are modeling, so that they can convey emotion in their shots.  Lots of laughter and beautiful pictures ensue.  We eat delicious homemade food, and drink wine.  No treat is too decadent for our shoots!  In the end, we review all the photos as a group, anywhere from 800+ shots, loving or simply laughing at many of the shots.

I am extremely fortunate to have such a supportive team, and we all love the routine of this shoot.  A chance to get together and visit, while producing stunning shots.  By the end we are definitely tired, but a happy-buzz tired…ready to shoot again in a few months.