In these new times…June 2020

Hi All, I thought I would touch base here and update you as to how things have been going for Trish Raine hats.  With the arrival of Covid-19 and the world changing every few days, it is certainly hard to keep up, keep grounded and keep hope for all kinds of things both big and [...]

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Looking Ahead – Trish Raine, 2020

I don't know about you, but I am a goal-setter.  I don't make New Year resolutions per se, as I feel like they are typically vague, unreasonable, and frankly...they are socially acceptable to renege upon.  Many years ago, I figured out that I like to set and achieve goals.  Whether they are small to get [...]

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Trish Raine in Fall 2019…

Hi All, I am sorry to have not written this post sooner, to let you know when and where I'll be selling my hats this season!  Somehow, like most of us it seems, summer disappeared and September zoomed by at a mad pace.  So, here we are on the eve of October as my mind [...]

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Launch of Gossamer Felt line of hats – Fredericton and Rothesay, Nov 3-4th 2018

I am thrilled to finally debut a line of hats I've been working on since Spring.  The Gossamer Hat. I have a customer with alopecia, who wears my hats year-round.  We had been in touch planning her next hat, but with the onset of the heat and humidity all I could think about was how [...]

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“Does Opera Kill?”, Australiana Theme

The 2016 MMU (Millinery Meet-up) hosted a hat competition that had about 60 participants.  It was sponsored by Hat Blocks Australia, and yes, they did in fact show up with hat blocks all the way from Australia to the MMU marketplace!  Since they sponsored the competition, the theme of the hat competition was Australiana.  What is your impression of [...]

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…And here’s the truth!

I've been bad at keeping this blog up to date.  Apologies! Summer has been quite incredible.  I've not taken holiday since Spring, instead opting for staying local, working hard as an Occupational Therapist, and hatting in between. Truth be known, in the dog days of summer, felting isn't the best activity.  It takes a lot [...]

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Spectrum 2016 – A New Brunswick Craft Council Exhibition

Each Christmas season and into the new year, I spend about a month thinking about what I'd like to accomplish during the year, be it new skills, or direction in selling my wares.  This year was no different, thinking about shows in 2016 and the inventory I'll need to produce for said shows, down to [...]

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Happy New Year!

In fact, it should be Happy Last-Day-of-2015"!!! This has been a fabulous month of felting, sales, getting the website online (no small feat), and then having family visit for the last few weeks.  I have taken this week off work (as an occupational therapist), and have relaxed into the holidays.  This means letting the left [...]

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