I don’t know about you, but I am a goal-setter.  I don’t make New Year resolutions per se, as I feel like they are typically vague, unreasonable, and frankly…they are socially acceptable to renege upon.  Many years ago, I figured out that I like to set and achieve goals.  Whether they are small to get through a day, or in a 10-year plan…they work for me.  Achievable, and super specific in most cases, so that I can knock them off my list!  Frankly, I think I start thinking about shows, and places I’ll go to advance my millinery skills two and three years out!

This year I’m considering 2020 a little earlier than normal…  Might be that my husband and I (and Dodger) are planning a low-key Christmas holiday, which isn’t adding up to much seasonal stress!  🙂  So…what’s up for Trish Raine?

Early in the year the 2020 Millinery Meet-up line of instructors and courses is released.  This is an exciting time to consider what education I would want/need to try new things.  Since I don’t work with much other than felt, I tend towards courses that are more global or applicable to what I already do in millinery.  I have met SO many fantastic people at this weeklong retreat in Tennessee – international instructors and classmates alike.  Between each MMU it is fantastic to see what my peers are up to and what they are making!

I’m also planning a trip overseas to China and Australia!  I hope to find non-touristy silk shops, so that I can go purchase the lovely fabrics in person.  Find other millinery treasures in China.  In Australia, I’m hoping to “studio hop” to my favorite Australian Milliners in Melbourne!  I am also hoping to get some millinery lessons while in Melbourne.  VERY exciting!

Insofar as sales/shows go next year, I’m considering doing “more and less”.  What I mean by that is more outings, fewer shows.  I would like to try pop-up shops in various cities as 1-day events.  Less grand set-ups, more intimate settings.  I will still plan on bringing friends to help, as the fun of the weekends are the interactions with customers and exploring the cities/towns in the evening.  I am considering one big show, looking perhaps a little further afield…to Ottawa.  It is a 4-day show, so would mean a year of making 1-of-a-kind hats starting this month.  🙂  The last time I did a show in Boston or Calgary, I had it calculated that for each week of the year I had to make 2.2 hats.  Most weeks I made about four, but that accounted for the weeks I wasn’t available to make hat (holidays).

I am also considering opening my studio for those who live in or  wish to travel to Fredericton.  I have not done this in the past, but am considering how I would host people in my workshop/living room with space to display hats people would like to try.


All thoughts, all good.  Everything still batting about in my head, but it looks to me like 2020 is going to be quite an amazing year!!!

I want to thank each of you who reached out to me this year, via this website or social media, or better yet, in person.  It has been a real pleasure to meet you or see you again.  Your support and kind words over the years are very much appreciated.

See you in 2020! “My goal” is to keep this blog better updated, so you can perhaps also plan a trip to find me somewhere near you!  Have a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year!