I’ve been bad at keeping this blog up to date.  Apologies!

Summer has been quite incredible.  I’ve not taken holiday since Spring, instead opting for staying local, working hard as an Occupational Therapist, and hatting in between.

Truth be known, in the dog days of summer, felting isn’t the best activity.  It takes a lot of hot water (steam), and muscles.  This is close to the last thing I want to be doing on a sweltering day… although when I do, I just crank the music and let the sweat go!  I’ve spend this summer experimenting with new blocks, steering me toward 40’s vintage hats.  I’ve really indulged in making hats for galleries or competitions.  I’ve got a hat in London Hat week (Sept 2016), have entered an online competition, and sent a hat to a gallery with Felt:Feutre, showcasing the top of Canadian Feltmaking in September in Penticton, B.C.  I’ve still got 2-3 more gallery hats to go, with a Fibre Arts Network show in Fredericton this fall, and two required for the Millinery Meet-up.

I’m heading to meet up with the best hatters of the best in Tennessee within the month.  I am SUPER excited, as I will get to see a few of those I met in Ireland 1.5 years ago, and hopefully meet new people, putting faces to facebook names.  Social Media is still such a wonder…  I WILL update this blog afterwards, with insights and reports on my week in Gatlinburgh TN.

Here’s the thing though:  I have a VERY busy schedule this fall.  I’m showing in Fredericton at the incredible Harvest Jazz and Blues festival, on September 16th and 17th.  I will be onsite from 2-10pm both Friday and Saturday.  I’m sure there will be a ton of locals, but also people from around the world for this incredible musical gathering.  After that, family is visiting for our annual fall trip to the Island of Grand Manan, and I’m accompanying my husband to his annual marathon run.  Life is fantastic, but I feel like time is running out!

So what do I do, on this, my last “free” weekend?  🙂

Go for bike rides, toss sticks for my dog at the lake, host a ridiculous party for friends with a post-Olympic theme, plan a 5-km swim for a group of open-water swimmers, and this!  My garden and my yard!  Harvest feels early this year, so this weekend it is jam, salsa, processing zucchini for cookies all winter, and blueberries for my late-night snacks.  This is my Sunday evening countertop in my kitchen!  Yikes! (love)

IMG_7680IMG_7757 IMG_7756IMG_7755

I have said many times to my husband this summer, that we are so blessed, living where and how we do.  Now, that plaid hat has been on the block at least 2 weeks.  Time to get it moving!

I hope you are also sucking the marrow out of the ends of your summers.

xx Trish