Hi All,

I thought I would touch base here and update you as to how things have been going for Trish Raine hats.  With the arrival of Covid-19 and the world changing every few days, it is certainly hard to keep up, keep grounded and keep hope for all kinds of things both big and small.   Everything takes just a little more energy than it used to, and I find attention is SO easily shifted.  If you aren’t aware, I’m an occupational therapist who works full time in community care.  Hats are a side passion that have taken a large role in my life for the last dozen years…  I have been working straight through the arrival of Covid, only seeing urgent clients to minimize the spread of disease, and now am”working as per normal” which again is a total shift in energy and one’s head.  I have decided that I have “enough” hat stock to sit on for one season, so instead of working hard to achieve x# of hats, I am spending time listening, learning and watching the world evolve.  Production has taken a back burner here at Trish Raine hats, as I am spending more time tending to the health of my family, friends and work.

However with people having to stay home and the evolution of online classrooms, I have been able to sign up for several millinery classes.  It is typical for me to now take a class from Australia, with teachers in Australia or England, and at least six countries represented in their living rooms!  There is SO much opportunity to learn from the best of the best, meet others with similar interests, and work on developing your skills.  I really love seeing familiar faces that I’ve met at previous Millinery Meet-Up seminars in Tennesee, or Millinery schools in Ireland!  I have taken classes on veiling, bows, crinoline (x2), sinamay, folded ribbon roses and 40’s fabulous felts.  My hat rack is looking very different than usual, and for that I am grateful.  While some of the skills are not transferable to felt, some are.  Hopefully you will see the evolution of new styles of headwear, incorporating various fabrics or techniques…and maybe even a few non- felt hats!??

I am also VERY fortunate to have been asked to be a highlighted artist in the Felt Matters magazine (England) due out in September!  I cannot wait to see how it looks – the theme is Stories, and I am delighted to share what I felt I could contribute.  It was a little challenging to write an article during the roll-out of Covid19, but hope I did a good job!

So in short, hats are still being made and new techniques are being learned.  All in the slow-fashion movement of very deliberate craft, taking time to truly work each design through to a fresh end.  Hats allow me to process everything going on inside me, and I do believe that what is coming out is unique and a little more elevated than before.  There is no rushing this, rather acknowledging where we are and practicing patience…

xx Trish


Edit: Sept 02, 2020 – I am considering doing a 1-day show in both Rothesay and Fredericton this fall.  I will keep you updated via social media if you wish to come try on hats in person.  I will be figuring out proper Covid19 protocols, but would very much love to see you this fall.  Am also open to a trip to Halifax, also perhaps for a 1-day event!!  Baby steps…right?  🙂