In fact, it should be Happy Last-Day-of-2015″!!!

This has been a fabulous month of felting, sales, getting the website online (no small feat), and then having family visit for the last few weeks.  I have taken this week off work (as an occupational therapist), and have relaxed into the holidays.  This means letting the left side of my brain go, while letting the right dominate the holiday.  It feels really good.  I often find a weekend just long enough to indulge the right side, but sometimes Monday mornings are difficult to re-engage the left.  🙂

The great thing about my brother and his family here is that they are big into fibre.  They love small felting projects (soaps), and are all really excited to make their own hats.  We’ve done one round, and hats are formed, waiting for finishing.  The youngest has realized she has no endurance in her little arms, as she petered out in less than a minute!  Given that they come here every 4 or so years, I suspect the next visit will be different!

So, for the last-day-of-2015, I will be spending it felting, and getting out in our snow (skiing or snowshoeing).  I have been thinking about “resolutions”, which I don’t make.  Instead, I focus on goals, or things I want to achieve in the next year.  I have a show to work towards next December, and education to attend.  I am hoping to learn how to block a straw hat (for a hot holiday in March), and am thinking about attending the Millinery Meet-up in Tennessee in October. I would liken this gathering to the Felter’s Fling, as they occur every two years, and are such incredible education and networking opportunities.

I wish you all a very happy New Year.  May you achieve what you want in 2016, or even better, get something in your wildest dreams!

xx Trish

p.s. Family photos (with hats) to come.