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This summer I’ve been watching my social media feed, and the escapes my friends have made from their regular lives to bodies of water.  There is peace, mental space and room to breathe when one finds oneself in or beside a large body of water.  It is as if the deep colors of the water mixed with the rhythm of the waves lulls you to another part of your brain where you can escape the business of your life…

This hat and its relaxed style and deep marine colours evokes that same feeling.  Light and comfortable, it can “take you away” when you are not close to your body of water, evoking the same tranquility as you feel when on holiday…

“Why do we love the sea?  It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think”.  – Robert Henri

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The Gossamer hat is a Trish Raine-developed hat, handmade by fusing merino wool and chiffon silk in a process of wet felting (nuno felting).  This hat has silk on the outside of the hat, and is also fully lined inside with a different silk.  A thin layer of merino wool is felted between the two layers of silk, essentially “gluing” them together.  This means that it will be comfortable on your head, soft on your hair and will breathe, allowing air to flow right through.

This gossamer hat is a VERY thin felt, with silk on the outside and inside of the hat. It does not have much structure to it, so will easily fold up in a purse.  Each fold  is hand-sewn into place to keep the shape of the hat.  The original silk is used to make a binding at the bottom of the hat.  More silk, how luxurious!!!

This hat is wonderful for fall or spring, or if you have cooler summer nights. It is good in the winter, but not warm enough for very cold temperatures (but fits fabulously under a hood)! Perfect to be worn inside, and gentle on one’s scalp if experiencing hair loss.

This hat fits a head 21.5-22.5″.  If you have questions about fit, please let me know.