Small statement pieces to complete an outfit. Made out of wool and silk, adorned with combinations of wool, leather, silk, zippers, beads, pearls and vintage pins.

  • Aphrodite

    Like the Goddess Aphrodite, who was born out of sea foam, this hat embodies azure tropical seas. It reminds us of warm summer breezes, the relaxation of a holiday, and cold drinks that go down smoothly by the seaside...
  • Beatrice

    Subtle hints of greys, blues, and gold comprise this stunning work of art. Appropriate for any occasion, and perfect for supporting loved ones on their wedding day. This piece is unique and timeless.
  • Francoise

    Fun, flirty, flowers!  This hat style is from the 1960's but styled in vintage 1940's fashion.  This bright turquoise hat is shaped on an asymmetrical block and worn on the side of the head, held in place with an elastic.  It is a piece which can be dressed up or down, depending on your occasion.  From a wedding, to the races, to a night out with friends.  A great piece to add to your wardrobe!
  • Color outside the lines... This cocktail hat is for the edgy girl who pushes boundaries and dares to be a little different.
  • A midnight blue denim inspired cocktail hat, or demi-chapeau, this number can be worn with a sweater, jean jacket, coat or gown.  It is worn cocked to the side, sweeping across your forehead.  Subtle buttery yellow, blushing pink and subtle orange flowers are speckled on a denim silk, to give this hat a casual, relaxed look.  Comfortable to wear, the elastic tucks into your hair, whether it is worn down or in an upsweep.  This sweet topper will make you the talk of the town. Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.  Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."  - Coco Chanel.
  • In Asia, the cherry blossom can be a symbol of love and joy. Although there are different meanings to the cherry blossom in Asia, when wearing this hat you will feel beautiful and delicate like the blossom. Let this hat bring those gifts to you and those you love when you wear it. Feel the love.
  • Sale!

    Spring Garden

    $175.00 $150.00
    Fresh.  This hat hosts an abundance of cheerful flowers to make you think of peonies, roses, and the smell of fresh rain on your garden.  Navy blue cocktail hat with deep purple leather leaves as an accent.  Now...where was that garden party?