SOLD – The City

//SOLD – The City

SOLD – The City


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This hat whisks you from where you are to New York City.  A place of unlimited fashion freedom.  Where black is the main color of clothing, styled into sharp, intelligent and unique outfits.  The key to the outfit?  The power of a well-chosen accessory…

This hat is edgy and can be worn many ways.  By changing its place on your head, even by one inch, the whole feel of the hat changes.  Pull it down to demurely cover one eye increasing the mystery…  Tilt it upward a little, and it has the feel of a modern 60’s Maud hat.

The point is…why not bring a little NYC home.  Be that person to keep that fashion flair alive, right where you live.

“Personal style is attitude, attitude, attitude.  It has to come from within.  You have to develop things yourself”.  – Iris Apfel


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This hat is made from combining chiffon silk and merino wool in a process of wet (nuno) felting.  Once the fabric is felted, it is stiffened, blocked and wired.  Finished with an inner band and outer leather belt, this hat will fit many different head sizes.  From 22-23.5″ wide, this hat’s look can be changed by turning the hat or tilting it ever so slightly.

If you have questions about fit, please let me know.

“There’s so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights.” – Eric Cardenty