Spring Garden

//Spring Garden

Spring Garden

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Fresh.  This hat hosts an abundance of cheerful flowers to make you think of peonies, roses, and the smell of fresh rain on your garden.  Navy blue cocktail hat with deep purple leather leaves as an accent.  Now…where was that garden party?


This 8″ round cocktail hat is made by fusing merino wool through a silk scarf, creating the pattern on the top of the hat.  Once blocked and stiffened, it is wired and a leather inner band is hand-sewn into place.  Hand-formed leather leaves are sculpted, and their purple wires braided together to make a triptych as a hat feature.  An elastic secures it to your head.

This one of a kind hat is fresh, beautiful and is delicate enough for a wedding, garden party, or evening out.  It doesn’t scream for attention, but rather begs to be noticed.

Quirky and fun!


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