This hat is a stunning deep red color mixed with a graphic design.  Its shape is achieved by blocking it with folds on a square-based crown wooden block.  The resulting hat is a show-stopper.  This is for the woman who likes to be bold.  Who likes to wear her hats a little recessed on her head.  A woman who likes subtle volume in her hat.

A head-turner for sure.  Subtle and elegant and regal, for the queen in you.


I start with chiffon silk and the softest merino wool.  I combine the two elements, by wet-felting in a process called nuno felt.  Once the hood is created, I stiffen the felt, steam it and block it over a wooden block to achieve this shape.

This hat fits a smaller head, 21.5″-22.5″ wide.  To clean, wipe with a wet rag.  Bad weather will not ruin this hat, as wool protects you from snow, rain, fog, sleet etc.  If saturated with water, re-shape it on your head, remove it and let it dry.  Reinforce with a hot iron if you want to. If you have questions about fit, please let me know.

“We just know inside that we’re queens. And these are the crowns we wear”.  -Felecia McMillan