Calypso – Gossamer Hat

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Calypso – Gossamer Hat


This ethereal hat calls to the intuitive soul; someone who flows with life’s currents but always with direction.  Feather-light yet oh-so practical, this hat will take you from work, to your favorite book store, or local music festival.  This hat hopes you will wear it on chilly late summer nights, in a warm blanket, drinking herbal tea…or a nice red wine.


Gossamer Hat:  This hat is incredibly soft and lightweight handmade felt.  Silk fully covers both the outside and inside of this hat, so that when fused with thin merino wool between the two layers, it forms to and cradles your head and hair.  The gossamer is a slouch-style hat, as with its thinness there is very little structure in this hat.  Perfect for a warm winter evening, or cool summer night.  Can be easily worn indoors instead of a wig or scarf, to cover your head.  Great for sensitive scalps, and those undergoing chemotherapy.  Very easy to pack into your purse, or suitcase for a trip abroad.

Made by hand by fusing a thin layer of merino wool between two layers of silk, this Feather gossamer hat will fit a small sized head that measures 21-21.75″ wide.  If you have questions about fit, please contact me.