Furled Sails, Approaching Storm

Inspiration: I was first inspired by the small convoluted block, the possibilities for design using that shape with all its convolutions. The extended blocked shape reminds me of a furled/folded sail, when taken down quickly with bad weather approaching. I created custom felt fabric to represent disturbed water, in the case of an impending storm. The fabric illustrates repeated patterns and reflected light on rippling and wavy water. Navy, black and gold – water reflects all colors, depending on the light and conditions of the day. The hat’s three furled sails are bound together by leather straps as depicted on the legendary Flying Dutchman.

Description: The hat is hand-felted by the Beth Beede Method of wet felting. The finest silk and merino wool are fused together in a process that takes 4 hours to make each felt piece. Once created, I stiffen, then block them repeatedly over the block to get multiple layers of convolutions. Each piece is wired and sewn into place. Shaped and attached to a belt, the hat is finished by adding a felt liner to seal each bottom.

Price: 260 Euros, $400 CAD. For now NFS, as it is in Holland, at the competition.